Figures released by Ohio Department of Taxation suggested that Ohio’s four casinos were in good momentum as shown by their quarterly tax revenue report. The latter saw a slight increase at the end of June 2014. This is actually the first quarterly increase since June 2013. As for casino games establishments servicing in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo, their overall tax revenues rose from $ 66.3 million to $ 68.2 million, which is 3 percent more than reported in the previous quarter.

Accordingly the city of Columbus will be granted $ 2.7 million. This amount is reasonably higher than in previous quarters. The total sum included $ 1.8 million from the city-county distribution. Despite all this, these figures fell short of what Ohio State officials had predicted. The fiscal year ending in June saw $273.4 million in tax revenue generated by the four casinos mentioned above, $36 million less than the State had expected.


The Melbourne-based Australian casino “Crown” announced to the media last Friday August 1, 2014, its 2015"Aussie Millions Poker Championship"schedule. This is actually the greatest poker tournament in the southern hemisphere, kicking off in January 14 to end in February 2, 2015.  The main sponsor of this famous tournament remains the same as in 2014, PokerStars, the world's leading online poker room.

Last year, the Aussie Millions Main Event was run alongside the " Asia Pacific Poker Tour”. Qualification for the said Main Event was played on its online room. As in previous editions, prize awarded to the 2015 AMPC champion will be of a great figure. As a matter of fact, the winner will earn a check of $ 1.6 million (€1.1 million). As for the schedule, enticing it will be with three High Rollers "Challenge" at $ 25,000, $ 100,000 and $ 250,000 of buy-in, along with its 21other tournaments.


Unlike in other casinos where the use of new gaming services including new table games is seen favorably by employees, as it is the logical response to online casinos, some employees of the casino of Monaco is rather hostile to “one-armed- bandits”. Those employees reportedly go on strike to protest against the new opening time of this casino game establishment, a work schedule that some consider too restrictive. For instance, in this renowned casino room beautifully equipped with one-armed-bandits machines and a nicely adorned brewery, the operating box “Le Café de Paris” is now open 24 hours 24 since Saturday.

This change has aroused anger to two trades among the 15 existing ones at this Monaco casino. Changers, those who issue playing electronic tickets along with final wins and mechanics now engage an arm wrestle with the management of SBM group. The union of the automated game employees demands negotiations on the working schedule. Before, the casino is closed between 3:00 and 10:00 AM. About casino deposit bonus, know that every new player can win it online!


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The World Cup in Brazil has already featured some great games in the opening few days of the competition. This isn’t really all that surprising when you consider the quality of the teams playing, and the individual stars in many of the teams. Throughout the history of the World Cup we have seen many great games and this trend is continuing in Brazil. There are many games in this tournaments history that have lasted for an age. This tournament is bound to feature games that have the same kind of impact. Already we have seen some great games. In particular there was a great game between two European heavyweights in Spain and the Netherlands. These two teams have been powerhouses in European football, with Spain the reigning champions and the Netherlands the runners up. Spain have been the most dominant side of the last six years in the world but in the recent game between these two in this tournament the Netherlands showed that this Spanish team may be on their last legs. The Netherlands dominated the game to the surprise of many experts in the game. No one really expected the kind of result that we saw between the two sides with the Dutch running out 5-1 winners. They didn’t just beat Spain either, they did it in style with Van Persie and Arjen Robben scoring some great goals to put the Dutch in the box seat. This is just the beginning of this World Cup and already we have seen some great games. There are going to be many more if the Spain vs Netherlands game was anything to go by.